10 Facts About Day of the Dead & COCO


Cultural Celebration: Day of the Dead, or "Dia de los Muertos," is a Mexican holiday that honors deceased loved ones with colorful traditions.

Date Significance: It takes place from October 31st to November 2nd, coinciding with Halloween and All Saints' Day.

COCO's Inspiration: The beloved animated film "Coco" was inspired by the Day of the Dead, bringing this tradition to a global audience.

Altars ofrendas: Families create altars adorned with marigolds, photos, candles, and favorite foods to welcome back the spirits of the departed.

Sugar Skulls: Intricately decorated sugar skulls, known as "calaveras," are a common sight during the Day of the Dead.

Pan de Muerto: This sweet bread, shaped like bones and skulls, is a traditional food offering during the holiday.

Papel Picado: Delicate, colorful paper cutouts called "papel picado" decorate homes and altars.

Music & Dancing: Festive music, including mariachi and dancing, is an integral part of the celebrations.

Face Painting: People often paint their faces as colorful skulls, a tradition embraced in "Coco."

UNESCO Heritage: In 2008, UNESCO recognized the Day of the Dead as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.