6 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Canada


Globally Inspired Flavors at "Planta" (Toronto, ON) Planta's diverse menu offers dishes from around the world, such as their mouthwatering coconut ceviche and truffle mushroom pizza.

Vegan Comfort Food at "The Coup" (Calgary, AB) Indulge in plant-based comfort foods like the legendary Dragon Bowl and spicy yam quesadillas at The Coup.

Authentic Asian Cuisine at "Buddha-Full" (North Vancouver, BC) Buddha-Full serves up delectable vegan bowls and drinks with a focus on sustainable, organic ingredients.

Innovative Dining at "Zak's Diner" (Ottawa, ON) Zak's Diner redefines classic diner fare with vegan options like the Reuben sandwich and 'cheese' fries.

French-inspired Vegan Elegance at "LOV" (Montreal, QC) LOV offers an elegant dining experience with dishes like the beet tartare and savory mushroom risotto.

Wholesome Farm-to-Table Dining at "Fresh" (Toronto, ON) Fresh combines farm-fresh ingredients in dishes like the Buddha bowl and green goddess salad for a delightful vegan experience.