6 Cheapest U.S. States To Retire 2023


Affordable Housing: In states like Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky, you can find incredibly affordable housing options, making your retirement savings go further.

Low Taxes: States like Wyoming and Nevada have no income tax, while Florida and Texas offer retirees a tax-friendly environment, helping you keep more of your money.

Cost of Living: Retiring in Oklahoma or South Carolina means enjoying a low overall cost of living, from groceries to healthcare, stretching your retirement dollars.

Healthcare Access: Mississippi and Alabama might have lower healthcare costs and easy access to quality medical facilities, crucial for retirees.

Mild Climate: Arizona and New Mexico offer warm climates without the high costs associated with popular retirement destinations, making them ideal for budget-conscious retirees.

Scenic Beauty: Arkansas and Kentucky boast stunning natural landscapes, providing affordable opportunities for outdoor activities and a peaceful retirement lifestyle.