6 Family Friendly Halloween Games For Kids

6 Family Friendly Halloween Games For Kids

Pumpkin Decorating : Provide Pumpkins Paints Markers And Craft Supplies. Let Kids Get Creative By Decorating Their Pumpkins With Spooky Or Silly Faces.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt : Create A List Of Halloween-Themed Items Or Clues And Send The Kids On A Scavenger Hunt Around The House Or Yard To Find Them.

Bobbing For Apples : Fill A Large Tub Or Basin With Water And Float Apples In It. Kids Try To Grab The Apples Using Only Their Mouths Without Using Their Hands.

Pin The Nose On The Jack-O'-Lantern : Similar To "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" Blindfolded Kids Take Turns Trying To Pin A Paper Nose On A Jack-O'-Lantern Poster.

Monster Freeze Dance : Play Halloween-Themed Music And Have A Dance Party. When The Music Stops Everyone Must Freeze In Their Best Monster Pose. The Last One Moving Is "Out."

Halloween Bingo : Create Bingo Cards With Halloween-Themed Images Or Words (E.G. Ghosts Witches Pumpkins). Use Candy Corn Or Small Candies As Markers And Play Several Rounds Of Halloween Bingo.

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