7 Signs That Your Dog Might Hate You

7 Signs That Your Dog Might Hate You

Avoidance Or Hiding: If Your Dog Consistently Avoids You Or Hides When You'Re Around It May Be A Sign.

Excessive Aggression: Aggressive Behavior Towards You Or Others Can Be A Sign Of Fear Or Frustration. Growling Snapping.

Excessive Destructiveness: Dogs May Chew Or Destroy Items When They'Re Anxious Or Bored.

Lack Of Interest In Play: A Lack Of Interest In Playing With Toys Or Engaging In Activities With You Can Be A Sign.

Avoiding Eye Contact: Dogs Often Make Eye Contact With People They Trust And Are Comfortable With.

Changes In Eating Habits: A Sudden Decrease In Appetite Or Changes In Eating Habits Can Be A Sign Of Illness Pain Or Stress.

Excessive Vocalization: Some Dogs May Bark Excessively When They'Re Anxious Or In Distress.

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