1: 1. Medications: Avoid storing medications in the bathroom due to humidity and temperature fluctuations that can reduce their effectiveness.

2: 2. Electronics: Keep electronic devices away from the bathroom to prevent water damage and potential accidents due to electrical hazards.

3: 3. Makeup: Avoid storing your cosmetics in the bathroom, as moisture and heat can lead to a shortened shelf life and potential bacterial growth.

4: 4. Jewelry: Keep your precious jewelry out of the bathroom to prevent damage from exposure to moisture, humidity, and cleaning products.

5: 5. Paper Products: Store paper items such as towels, tissue, and toilet paper in a dry location to prevent them from becoming damp or unsanitary.

6: 6. Wooden Furniture: Avoid placing wooden furniture in the bathroom to prevent warping, cracking, or damage caused by constant exposure to moisture.

7: 7. Fragrances: Keep perfumes, colognes, and essential oils away from the bathroom as heat and moisture can degrade the scent and quality over time.

8: 8. Valuable Documents: Don't keep important documents like passports, birth certificates, or property deeds in the bathroom to protect them from potential water damage.

9: 9. Food Items: Avoid storing food or beverages in the bathroom as the area is not suited for proper storage and can introduce contamination risks.