8 ways Google just upgraded accessibility in its apps and Pixel device


Live Caption in Phone Calls: Google's Live Caption now supports phone calls, making conversations accessible for the hearing-impaired.

Sound Notifications for Pixels: Pixel devices now offer sound notifications for critical sounds like alarms, sirens, and more, enhancing situational awareness.

Gesture Control: Enhanced gesture control in Android for improved navigation and accessibility for users with motor impairments.

Braille Keyboard for Android: Google introduced a Braille keyboard for Android, enabling visually impaired users to type with ease.

Lookout for More Languages: Google's Lookout app now supports more languages, helping visually impaired individuals explore their surroundings.

Voice Access Updates: Voice Access improvements allow users to control their devices entirely through voice commands, increasing accessibility.

Improved Sound Amplifier: Pixel devices now have an upgraded Sound Amplifier for enhanced sound quality and personalized audio settings.

TalkBack Gesture Customization: The TalkBack screen reader now offers gesture customization for a tailored user experience.