1: 1. Avocado: Its creamy texture and high-fat content won't blend well, resulting in a clumpy mess.

2: 2. Bananas: Juicing bananas can cause a thick, sticky consistency that may clog your juicer.

3: 3. Potatoes: Their starchy nature can cause a gummy residue, making it difficult to clean your juicer afterward.

4: 4. Peanut Butter: This tasty spread is better for sandwiches; it won't blend well, leaving you with a greasy mess.

5: 5. Rhubarb Leaves: While the stalks are juicable, avoid using the toxic leaves, as they contain harmful compounds.

6: 6. Whole Citrus Fruits: Juicing them with peels can lead to a bitter taste and overwhelming flavor.

7: 7. Wheatgrass: Known for its nutrient-rich properties, it's best to use a dedicated wheatgrass juicer for optimal extraction.

8: 8. Soft Berries (e.g., Strawberries): Such fruits tend to yield less juice and create a pulpy texture that may clog your juicer.

9: 9. Ice Cream: Leave this treat out of your juicer. It won't blend well and may damage the appliance. Keep in mind that, despite these limitations, there are countless other fruits, vegetables, and greens that can provide delicious and nutritious juicing options. Experiment and enjoy the benefits of homemade juice!