Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Celebrity Reactions


Adele's Supportive Tweet: Adele tweeted, "Taylor deserves all the love and happiness in the world. Go, girl! 💕 #TaylorsLoveLife2023"

Ed Sheeran's Excitement: Ed Sheeran shared, "Can't wait for a Taylor-Taylor collaboration about this new love chapter! 🎶🙌 #SwiftSheeranDuet"

Lizzo's Empowering Message: Lizzo posted, "Taylor's love life is a reminder that self-love comes first. You shine, Tay! 💫 #SelfLoveMatters"

Zendaya's Heartfelt Comment: Zendaya commented, "Taylor's openness about love is inspiring. Her songs always resonate! 🎤❤️ #TaylorSpeaksToUs"

Justin Bieber's Congrats: Justin Bieber congratulated Taylor, saying, "Happy for you, Taylor! Love is a beautiful journey. ❤️ #LoveIsInTheAir"

Shawn Mendes' Supportive IG Story: Shawn Mendes shared an IG story with heart emojis, showing his support for Taylor's new love.

Dua Lipa's Fun GIF: Dua Lipa playfully posted a dancing GIF, celebrating Taylor's new romance with a joyful vibe.

Billie Eilish's Relatability: Billie Eilish said, "Taylor's love stories make us feel understood. Her music connects us all. 🎶💔 #TaylorGetsUs"

Katy Perry's Emoji Reactions: Katy Perry used heart and fireworks emojis to express her excitement for Taylor's love journey.

John Legend's Musical Appreciation: John Legend praised Taylor's songwriting, saying, "Taylor's love songs are pure art. We're lucky to have her! 🎼👏 #SongwritingGenius"

Ellen DeGeneres' Humor: Ellen DeGeneres joked, "Taylor's love life is like a rollercoaster – full of twists, turns, and chart-topping hits! 🎢🎤 #SwiftLife"