Compared the Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max vs  Galaxy S23 Ultra in a low light camera shootout


Pixel 8 Pro's Night Sight: Google's Pixel 8 Pro shines in low light photography, thanks to Night Sight. With impressive software enhancements, it captures stunning details and minimizes noise, making it ideal for dimly lit scenes.

iPhone 15 Pro Max's Deep Fusion: Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max brings Deep Fusion technology, which fuses multiple exposures to create sharp and noise-free low light shots, ensuring excellent image quality.

Galaxy S23 Ultra's Bright Night Mode: Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a Bright Night Mode, which leverages AI algorithms to produce brighter, well-exposed photos in low light conditions.

Pixel's Versatile Astrophotography: The Pixel 8 Pro offers an Astrophotography mode, perfect for capturing the night sky, with stunning results that rival dedicated astrophotography cameras.

iPhone's ProRAW Capabilities: Apple's ProRAW format on the iPhone 15 Pro Max provides photographers with more control over low light images during post-processing, catering to professionals.

Samsung's Multi-Sensor Advantage: The Galaxy S23 Ultra employs multiple sensors to gather data in low light, resulting in enhanced colors and details, making it a versatile low light shooter.

Pixel's Exceptional Dynamic Range: Google's Pixel 8 Pro showcases exceptional dynamic range in low light, preserving highlights and shadows for well-balanced shots.

iPhone's Night Mode Portraits: The iPhone 15 Pro Max introduces Night Mode for portraits, allowing for stunning low light portrait shots with creamy bokeh backgrounds.

Samsung's Low Light Video Performance: The Galaxy S23 Ultra not only excels in low light photos but also offers impressive low light video recording, catering to content creators.