New on Netflix: 3 Shows and Movies to Watch This Week (Oct. 25-29)


"The Haunting of Willow House" - Get ready for spine-tingling scares as this horror series unravels the mysteries of an eerie, abandoned mansion. With a gripping plot and eerie atmosphere, it's perfect for Halloween season.

"The Last Laugh" - Starring comedy legends, this film is a hilarious journey of two retired comedians who rekindle their passion for laughter. It's heartwarming and full of comedic moments.

"MasterChef: International Edition" - Foodies, rejoice! Dive into culinary excellence with this international cooking competition. It's a feast for your eyes and a source of mouth-watering inspiration.

"Survivors: Out of the Ashes" - This post-apocalyptic series explores the resilience of humanity after a global catastrophe. With its intense drama and survival elements, it's a thrilling watch.

"Operation Midnight" - A fast-paced action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Follow a covert mission to prevent a global threat. High-octane action and suspense await!

Don't miss out on these exciting additions to Netflix this week, offering a diverse range of entertainment for every taste.