'Gymnast Olivia Dunne' : Olivia Dunne Becomes the Victim of Fan


Six years younger than Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is Olivia Dunne. Livvy recently announced her choice to take a different career route in an interview with Elle magazine. 

Moving forward, Dunne decided early on not to pursue elite gymnastics while Biles amassed 32 Olympic and world gold.

After her rest, the seven-time Olympic legend returns to the beam. She had previously supported her American teammates during the Tokyo Olympics 2021 despite having "twisties." 

Her return to the U.S. Classic demonstrates her tenacity. Olivia Dunne, on the other hand, is making her mark through her passion project despite declaring her break from the sport.

With the "Livvy Fund," female athletes will be empowered and brand partnerships will be made easier.

Dunne plans to develop a platform that would enable female athletes to easily negotiate corporate collaborations using her own experience as inspiration. 

However, when a throwback picture of Biles and Dunne was posted on a fan page named ‘Queen Simone Biles ‘, the caption praising their influence on the next generation of gymnasts garnered mixed reactions from fans.

The caption read, “Olivia Dunne and Simone Biles are setting the bar high for the next generation of gymnasts”. Some fans were negative about the comparison. What is the fan’s reaction to this pairing?