olympic gymnast simone biles:  Is Simone Biles on Keto?


Simone Biles' Balanced Approach: While not strictly keto, Simone Biles maintains a balanced diet that includes healthy fats and proteins to support her rigorous training regimen.

Keto Inspiration: Biles revealed that she draws inspiration from the keto lifestyle, incorporating some elements into her nutrition plan to fuel her athletic performance.

Carb Timing: Simone Biles strategically times her carb intake around workouts to optimize energy levels and recovery, a technique often used by athletes.

Flexible Choices: Biles occasionally enjoys keto-friendly foods like avocado and nuts, keeping her dietary choices flexible to suit her needs.

The Bigger Picture: Simone Biles prioritizes overall health and fitness, showing that it's not just about diet but also commitment to training and recovery.