Top 5 Biggest Upsets in the History of ICC Cricket 'World Cup'


India's Shocking Loss to Zimbabwe in 1999: In the 1999 World Cup, underdog Zimbabwe stunned cricket fans by defeating India. This unexpected victory is etched in World Cup history.

Kenya's Remarkable Journey in 2003: Kenya's run to the semifinals in 2003, including wins over Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, remains one of the most memorable upsets in cricket.

Ireland's Win Over England in 2011: Ireland's win against England in the 2011 World Cup sent shockwaves, proving that smaller teams could challenge the giants.

Bangladesh's Victory Against Australia in 2005: Bangladesh's triumph over reigning champions Australia in 2005 showed that no team was invincible on the World Cup stage.

Netherlands' Upset of England in 2009: The Netherlands defeating England in the 2009 World Cup was a David vs. Goliath story, reminding us of cricket's unpredictability.