Suits Season 2 recap: Do Mike and Rachel get together? - Netflix


Office Romance Blossoms: Rachel and Mike's love story began in the high-pressure world of Pearson Specter Litt, where their undeniable chemistry lit up the screen.

Forbidden Love: Their relationship faced many challenges, including Mike's secret of not being a real lawyer and the firm's strict no-fraternization policy.

Unwavering Support: Throughout the series, Rachel's unwavering support for Mike, both personally and professionally, highlighted the depth of their connection.

Sacrifices Made: Mike's decision to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit showcased his commitment to Rachel and his willingness to make sacrifices for her.

Building Trust: The couple navigated trust issues, including Rachel's initial anger when she discovered Mike's secret, but their love ultimately triumphed.

The Proposal: Mike's heartfelt rooftop proposal in season 7 was a standout moment, symbolizing their enduring love.

Marriage and Departure: The couple's wedding marked a touching milestone, and Mike's departure from the firm allowed them to pursue their dreams.