Taylor Swift Has Set the Stage for a Concert Film Boom


Concert films that satisfy a demand for "alternative content" in theaters are in high demand due to a history of what some refer to as "poor execution" in the genre. 

 These films feature famous contemporary performers as well as posthumous performances like a supposed David Bowie concert from the 1970s.

When asked what Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour meant for the space, musicians who produce and release concert films and music documentaries all said the same thing. Insiders, however, point out that

Swift's success is a rising tide that lifts all boats, and that artists and their teams are already making decisions and drawing inspiration from her Eras contract

 which allows her to keep a disproportionate share of the movie's $160.4 million worldwide box office gross after its second weekend of release.

Seventy-two percent of respondents to a survey conducted by NATO's Cinema Foundation among 6,000 moviegoers expressed a desire to watch more concert films on the big screen.