The 6 Rarest Dog Breeds

The 6 Rarest Dog Breeds

Norwegian Lundehund : This Breed Hails From Norway And Was Originally Used For Puffin Hunting.

Azawakh : The Azawakh Is A Sighthound From West Africa Particularly Mali Niger And Burkina Faso.

Catalburun : Also Known As The Turkish Pointer The Catalburun Is Instantly Recognizable Due To Its Distinctive Split Nose.

Mudi : The Mudi Is A Herding Dog From Hungary Known For Its Intelligence And Versatility.

Kooikerhondje : Originating In The Netherlands The Kooikerhondje Is A Small Spaniel-Type Breed Used For Hunting Ducks.

Finnish Spitz : This Breed Is Finland'S National Dog Known For Its Fox-Like Appearance And Distinctive Vocalizations.

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