"The Boys": 4 Things to Know About Soldier Boy From the Comic Serie


Origin Story: Soldier Boy, portrayed by Jensen Ackles in the TV series, is a character created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. He first appeared in "The Boys" comics, bringing a new dynamic to the superhero world.

Vintage Hero: Soldier Boy is a classic superhero from the 1940s, resembling the iconic patriotic heroes of that era, much like Captain America. His look and values are a nod to this golden age.

Dark Secrets: Beneath the patriotic exterior, Soldier Boy hides a complex and morally questionable past. His involvement in controversial events adds depth to the character.

Vought Connection: Like many other heroes in "The Boys," Soldier Boy is affiliated with Vought International, the corrupt conglomerate behind the superheroes. His history with Vought is integral to the story.

Power Set: Soldier Boy possesses enhanced strength, agility, and durability, making him a formidable force. His abilities have been adapted for modern audiences, retaining his status as a powerful hero.