WWE Legend 'Undertaker's Favorite Exercises for Building Muscle Ma


Deadlifts: Undertaker swears by deadlifts to build overall body strength, targeting his back, legs, and grip.

Squats: He incorporates squats for powerful leg development, essential for his signature moves.

Bench Press: The Deadman includes bench presses to sculpt a massive chest and upper body.

Barbell Rows: Undertaker's secret for a well-defined back is consistent barbell rows.

Pull-Ups: He often does pull-ups to strengthen his lats and biceps.

Dips: Dips are a staple for tricep and chest development in his workout routine.

Shoulder Press: Building strong shoulders is vital for his chokeslam move, and shoulder presses help achieve that.

Bicep Curls: To complete his iconic look, Undertaker incorporates bicep curls.