WWE Superstar  'John Cena'  Diet and Workout Routine


High-Protein Diet: John Cena maintains his incredible physique with a diet rich in lean proteins like chicken, fish, and eggs, helping him build and repair muscles.

Balanced Macronutrients: Cena's diet includes a good balance of carbs and healthy fats to provide energy and support overall health.

Frequent Meals: He prefers smaller, frequent meals to keep his metabolism active and control his hunger throughout the day.

Hydration is Key: Staying well-hydrated is crucial, and Cena often consumes water and electrolyte-rich drinks.

Supplements for Performance: He uses supplements like protein shakes and BCAAs to aid muscle recovery and growth.

Cheat Days Exist: Cena allows himself occasional cheat meals, satisfying his cravings in moderation.

Early Risers: His mornings start with a hearty breakfast to kickstart his day.

Consistent Exercise: John Cena follows a rigorous workout routine that includes weightlifting, cardiovascular training, and functional exercises.